Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Assignment Review

The Keeper of Secrets: Translations of an Incident
By Anjuelle Floyd

Breaking the Mold - September 1, 2007

In a world where cookie-cutter novels have become the norm rather than the exception - debut author Anjuelle Floyd has broken the mold.

The Keeper of Secrets: Translations of an Incident, a collection of interconnecting short stories, is a literary case study in how one incident can be translated into many scenarios.

Author Floyd does a magnificent job of making the reader privy to a specific incident with tentacles that touch the lives of others. Embracing her fund of knowledge as a psychologist and grasp of multiple cultures, readers are skillfully and enjoyably drawn into the world of a diverse group of professionals and those in their close and outer circle. A majority of them are carrying luggage that should have been unpacked years ago. A variety of reasons as to why they have not is what will hold your attention.

In each story we are introduced to individuals who outwardly are living the life fairy tales are made of. With each turned page you will be exposed to past experiences robbing them of the fullness of the present. You will wonder why Raven is tortured by the cries of her infant? What is it from Lahni Irete's childhood that led to selecting a blind man rather than the man she truly loves as her husband? Why does Arianne seek comfort in the ghost of a deceased patient rather than the arms of her husband? Will Trey's past be the salvation for a positive future?

Told in a refreshingly intellectual tone, The Keeper of Secrets, rather than excluding, invites a wide range of readers to imbibe words that stimulate, educate and entertain.

Reviewer/Dr. Linda Beed
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djm said...

Breaking the mold sounds wonderful. Short stories usuallly leave me breathless and unfulfilled, or just unfulfilled. But'll I'll have to try this one.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

This book sounds wonderful. I'll need to keep it in mind to read in the future.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. Mass confusion. Sounds intriguing. I didn't know you were doing interviews again.
Your blog looks like mine.