Sunday, February 22, 2009

Laying The Axe To The Root

Illusions by Wanda B. Campbell sheds light on what many are dealing with in one form or another – addiction.

Three years into what was once a sensual marriage Denise Hightower discovers her husband’s imperfection. Shocked, dismayed and confused by the discovery and the advice she receives, Denise begins to lose her self-confidence.

Although attempts to overcome on his own are noble, stumbles and mixed signals from Bryce only serve to heighten the friction between the couple. It will be the wisdom from a most unlikely source that will help Bryce to turn away from how he has been programmed to think, in order for him to deal with the root of his problem.

Through the pages hard questions will be asked, pondered and agonized over as the two struggle with self-identity. Do not allow the fact that the main characters are religious leaders throw you. What they and many who will read this most inspiring story have and may still be experiencing, is real. It is real and can be overcome when honesty and a willingness to do what it takes, become the tools of application.

Dialogue With the Author

The opportunity to spend any length of time with Wanda B. Campbell is time well-spent. This selfless, humorous and wise woman has much to say and has a very special way of presenting her thoughts. The impression she leaves upon others has nothing to do with a verbal list of self-accolades she could rattle off; it is more her presence, her soft chuckle, or that certain look that says she knows more than she may say. In addition to that, she is a talented writer. By combining what she believes with her literary gifting, she has become a shining star among those raising the standard for Christian fiction writing.

An avid reader since childhood, Wanda responded to the voice in her head by penning and self-publishing her debut novel, First Sunday in October, (January 2007). A romantic at heart, Wanda uses relationships to demonstrate how the power of forgiveness and reconciliation can restore us back to God and one another.

Author Campbell is truly an example of the adage, ‘your gift will make room for you’. Her journey from contest hopeful, to contest winner, to self-publishing, to traditional publishing, is stuff that Hallmark movies are made of. More than her literary achievements, I find her insight, genuine caring for others combined with spiritual gifts, an asset for those blessed to come in contact with her. Conversations with Wanda are filled with humor and wisdom most associate with a more age-seasoned saint.

Through her literary renderings Wanda is very open regarding the necessity for integrity on every level of leadership. This is seen throughout the pages of Illusions as she reveals the expectation of a majority of church leadership for wives to cover the flaws of their husbands. Yet, in doing as she has been taught, it is she (the wife), who is left uncovered. It is this role reversal that breeds seeds of discourse within the family unit.

Candidly Wanda speaks of her desire for her readers to understand that, “It is okay not be perfect.” She goes on to express that we should not become so engrossed with things/position to the degree that we cannot or refuse to be honest. “Be true to yourself,” is the advice she offers to those who may not understand how to walk away from destructive habits. “There is help for the addict. There is help for YOU, if you want it.”

As a Kingdom scribe Ms Campbell is not reticent when proclaiming the necessity of responsibility. “If God has trusted you with His baby, you have to carefully nurture the baby.” As for her future she is clear that ministry is her first priority. It is her ministerial gift combined with her writing that she hopes will help to bridge the gap between the world and Christians and the walls separating the Christian community from one another.

Wanda resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband of nineteen years and two sons. She also has the unique position of being the oldest of five siblings (on one side of her family) and also the youngest of twelve (on the other side of her family). Her hobbies include writing, reading, traveling, and collecting magnets from around the world. Wanda proudly proclaims herself to be the biggest Oakland A’s fan.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Truth Shall Make You Free

The Lovechild is a representation of what far too many families share - secrets.

Six years away from her dysfunctional family is not enough time to prepare Makaeli Hunt for what awaits her homecoming.

Coming home reveals that not much has changed in terms of the fragile state of her mother, an estranged brother, one abusive and one domineering sister. What will change will be the uncovering of secrets that are at the root of their fears and inability to move forward. Most of all Makaeli will come to understand the power of forgiveness.

Ashea Goldson has written a novel with a fresh voice and a strong message. That voice, aided by biblical truths, has the ability to open the eyes, ears and spirit of understanding to those who will listen. The message boldly pronounces that when you choose to move beyond painful pasts, you will find that the present and the future is worth living in and striving for, fully healed.


Be it a business, casual or intimate relationship, operating out of unhealthy practices is a sign of something in need of healing. Healing is a matter of choice and to that end, it has been offered through the pages of Relationship Rerun.

With responsibly wrapped candor Tanya White has presented a book that brings to the forefront what most neglect – wise use of the option of choice. Although straight forward, the text invites its readers to take an honest look at habits and unresolved issues that may be at the root of the cycle of dissatisfaction. Author White does not propose to be the answer to all that ails you. She does however, through throughout the book offer a mirror for the opportunity of studying self-reflections. It also opens the door for individuals to seek understanding of their personal value and to work towards establishing healthy practices that nourishes the body, soul and spirit.

Your Testimony Is Not Your Own

With vulnerability that is to be applauded Paulette Harper openly shares herself with others so that they might choose to be healed.

Free from the bonds of inhibition Ms. Harper’s candor combined with scripture is the invitation to healing so many seek. Author Harper's revelations will seem familiar to some. To others her bold words will uncover unhealed wounds buried under layers of minutia. Through it all, her ministering words reach out to the seeking as well as those who may not even realize they are on a hunt.

That Was Then This Is Now clearly shows the reader that past failures and repetitious errors do not disqualify us from the original plans God has for our lives.