Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lacresha Hayes -- Truth and Intimacy Tour

Today I have the honor of featuring the co-author of Truth and Intimacy: A Couple’s Journal – Lacresha Hayes.

I consider this an honor because it is refreshing to present to others those who take the covenant of marriage seriously. When I say seriously I do not refer to the reckless emotion of excitement that comes with the fluttery feeling of: 1) first encounter; 2) the fa├žade of dating; and 3) marriage without counting the costs or truly understanding the covenant vow made with Christ. I speak in terms of entering the marriage covenant understanding that it requires more than looks and currency to sustain it.

So now that I’ve said this you may be asking yourself, what’s the big deal? Why would I be interested in reading Truth and Intimacy: A Couple’s Journal?

Perhaps you would entertain reading this book because you are considering marriage. Maybe you are in a marriage covenant that could use wise counsel. You may consider the content of this book because you have asked yourself why your marriage failed. At the risk of sounding pushy I dare to suggest that you may consider this read in order to enhance the strength you are already building with your mate.

We invite you to drop by with questions you may have and thank you in advance for your input.

I would like to begin today’s session with asking the first two questions of our co-author.

1. Truth is a vital component of any relationship. Why do you believe couples defer from truth in relationships?

2. What do you believe are the components of intimacy and how can couples capture and maintain it?

About Lacresha

Lacresha Hayes is the author of eight books and counting. She is also a publisher, a Christian consultant, a minister, a wife and a mother.

Her passion is helping hurting women recover from abuse, and preaching the truth of the Word of God, no matter the cost.

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