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In April I shared about my journey toward publication. I will reiterate something I said then, "God never gives you a purpose that you lack passion for." The passion that burned in me pushed and pushed and pushed like a baby seeking to exit the birth canal.

Prior to the birth of Business Unusual my temperament was akin to that of an expectant mother protecting her unborn fetus. No matter how often it was suggested that we abort we persevered. The choices we made to bring the baby to full term did not always meet the approval of those dispensing advice. They were however, the best for us given what was at our disposal. We believed that God would provide for the vision He placed inside of me. That said; I am proud to announce that Business Unusual, our tangible proof of our faith, made its way into the world on June 25th.

Soooooooo, what is Business Unusual? It is the first installment in the ‘Covenant Series’ from On Assignment Publishing. Below is a brief synopsis of the story that has been called “Christian fiction in its purest form.”

Bernadette Lewis is a woman no one will ever define as usual. Known purpose set her on the path to fulfilling destiny at a young age. The light that illuminates her every step comes from within. Without apology she walks with confidence and humility.

Fully satisfied with life, there is no room for distractions. She seems to have it all, but she is a living example of the adage, ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

On a personal front Bernadette is faced with dealing with the type of man her father warned that she would one day meet. Hayes Davis is that man. Learned accomplished and walking confidently in who he is, Hayes is the man at the top of most women’s resume for a husband. In spite of his glowing outer appeal, it is his inner man that must withstand the challenges that will be key to his pre-ordained walk.

The decision as to what she must do regarding the insubordination of a key employee, Falimah Meyer, causes Bernadette to revisit the vision of her company and her fourteen-year-old pledge. As she seeks to move forth she must exercise caution as she interacts with another employee, Treva Scott.

Treva is often on the short end of Falimah’s unpredictable personality swings. As she searches for her true niche in the world, her option of choice places her at the crossroads of her future.

Added to the whirlwind of change for Bernadette is the forced re-acquaintance with her maternal grandmother. She is a woman loved by the world but ritually despised by Bernadette.

Business Unusual invites the reader to walk with its characters as they process through life. Within that process the characters will touch and be touched by friends, family and those they meet along the way.

Business Unusual -- A story about forgiveness, obedience and the option of choice.

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As always I leave you with this -- There is no such thing as an acceptable loss in God's Kingdom!

Be blessedd -- Linda!

Business Unusual Reviews

Being About The Lord's Business

Every so often, a self-published book beats the odds and grabs the attention of enough readers to draw an offer from a traditional publisher. I sure hope that this happens for this book. Dr. Linda Beed, an emerging Christian author and veteran educator has recently released her debut novel. Business Unusual is an inspirational contemporary romance that is Christian fiction in its purest form.

Bernadette Lewis is a very accomplished young businesswoman. She is the owner and President of B. L. Lewis Enterprises, a privately held consulting, software development and personal training service. Her company has been very successful in just a short period of time. Many wonder what her secret to success is. Hers is a success story grounded in faith and obedience.

As a young, single Christian woman; Bernadette has values and attributes not always understood by the secular world, but that still does not deter her from being who she was raised to be. The daughter of parents in the ministry, she and her sisters have built their careers on service to God and mankind. Their personal lives mirror that Christian upbringing and it is no surprise that as adults, they find themselves dealing with unlike personalities in the people that come into their professional lives. How Bernadette deals with these individuals is the core of this story.

Both entertaining and inspirational; I found this novel a great read for young Christian men and women. There is a lesson to be learned here. When Bernadette meets Hayes Davis, a man who is just beginning to understand his spirituality, she is very attracted to him both professionally and personally. Hayes finds in Bernadette what he never has found in a woman. He both respects and adores her and understands that this will be no ordinary dating experience. Hayes is sure that he has found his life partner, but is he prepared to live up to her expectations of him?

Other supporting characters brings full circle a story that portrays today's upscale African American singles who are at the beginning of their personal and professional life journeys. Reading this book was like watching your children grow up, not always accepting their choices but hoping that they will do well and be both happy and successful. I also loved the history of the Lewis family. They are deeply grounded in their culture and the history of African Americans who have a proud legacy in this society. Positive images of a proud people is always refreshing in a novel and this one was full of proud moments.

Business Unusual is the story of the inspiring Lewis family, their walk with the Lord and the family structure that brings each successive generation to new heights. Parental love and obligation; Christian marriage and Godly relationships between young adults are just some of the major themes of this novel. The characters are unique and interesting and the story line is very inspirational. I think that many young Christian women are going to be inspired and encouraged by Bernadette's story.

Idrissa Uqdah for


“There were times when I was not reading a novel, but receiving teaching from the Holy Spirit.”
Pastor Bernard Boulton -- Reader/Reviewer


Life Changing Story

Business Unusual is the perfect title for this eloquently written novel by first time author, Linda Beed. This book focuses on Bernadette Lewis and the many individuals who are intertwined within her life. Bernadette is a strong-willed woman with a well-defined vision and steadfast spirit. She is determined to follow what she has been taught by her parents to be the morally right path. She does not intend to sway off course.

Don't expect to be able to breeze through the reading of this novel. It is not meant to be a quick read. The powerful, mind-altering messages of the importance of patience, virtue and loyalty are meant to be savored. Readers will definitely be transformed into students while exploring the pages of this meaningful creation.

Linda Beed is to be commended for writing such a passionate exposition.

Lynel Washington “freelance editor”


As you journey through the pages of this story you will find that there is something for everybody. Be you a babe in Christ or have been walking with God for years, there is godly counsel written here. To be a witness of this story for those not yet married, as well as to those who have joined in covenant with a mate, has been an experience that I will not soon forget. The writings of Dr. Linda Beed give us reference on how to apply the Word to our daily lives. I can hardly wait for the next book to come from this mighty woman of God, for I feel that whatever it is, the Word of God shall go forth from its pages.
Tanya Knight -- Reader


No Status Quo, It's Business Unusual

Bernadette "Twinkle" Lewis was brought up by her parents in a loving God-fearing home along with her two older sisters. She has a rich heritage in not only her bloodline, but the morals and values passed down to her from generation to generation that are founded on the Word and love of God. Bernadette is privileged to have family who live the life they teach by example.

What Bernadette has been taught has prepared her to remain a virgin until she is married, something that is challenged for the first time when she meets Hayes Davis. It is not enough to know that Hayes is fine, but who is he? Is he the one God has for Bernadette to marry? She is encouraged time and time again to pray and ask God to show her Hayes' spirit and reveal to her if he is indeed her husband.

Hayes has been raised in the church as well, but influences from both his mother and father have given him a distorted understanding about who God is in relation to who he is. Thankfully his best friend, Roosevelt, and his wife Nee Nee never gave up on him, praying for Hayes, counseling and sharing with him until he comes wholeheartedly to God.

"Business Unusual" takes the reader through this pivotal time in the lives of Twinkle and Hayes, allowing us to experience their learning processes and growth as they both enter a new level in the Lord. They both learn the importance of knowing the will of God for their lives and how vitally important it is to walk in obedience to Him. This process includes family members and friends as they both see past themselves to help others they know and some they meet along the way.

There is no way I could possibly share in this review the wealth of God's love in the pages of this book, neither the blessing it was for me to read it. The characters are so very vividly written that you can see them and feel what they are going through. I am in awe of how Author Beed was able to infuse the lives of the families and friends of Bernadette Lewis and Hayes Davis without confusing the story line and yet it creates an informational background the story needs in order to be told. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel of this story that was written by an anointed Woman of God.

Reviewed by Sharel E. Gordon-Love -- Apooo Book Club

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer…

How Strong Women Pray
By Bonnie St. John

Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer…

Bonnie St. John’s book, How Strong Women Pray epitomizes the focus of the aforementioned scripture. With skill, care and candor Ms. St. John cleverly entwines her life experiences with that of others to show the importance and results of prayer in their lives.

Through the uniquely written treatise readers are offered a view into the private lives of twenty-seven women. Each is viewed as strong in their own right. All are connected by duo threads of commonality; their dependence upon prayer and faith to acknowledge that they are not in control of their destinies. Delightfully absent from this work is the impression of a regime of rigidity and uniformity to be entered into. Instead, you will see the simplicity and fervor in which each approaches prayer and are divinely ministered to.

Those who feel that the presence of high profile names, the mention of positions Ms. St. John has held and her academic and Olympic accomplishments are self-serving will not absorb the full thrust of the work. They will miss the fact that in spite of her high visibility and accomplishments, she has made a choice. Through the choice to be vulnerable, Ms. St. John speaks to the plight of many with disabilities. Without reserve she is reaching out to those who are merely surviving rather than seeking to overcome the trauma of sexual childhood abuse or other obstacles that is preventing them from reaching full potential.

Reviewer/Dr. Linda Beed
On Assignment Reviews

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Road To Publication

Hello everyone,

Thought I’d give you an update on what is going on in terms of my publishing journey.

For those of you who don’t know, Business Unusual released on June 25th. As an independent, debut author I have worked hard to present the best project I could. Getting to this point was a challenge. A challenge in terms of what others insisted I ‘must’ do in order to be considered a viable author. Those suggestions came more than I cared to hear and at times, laced with a measure of arrogance.

My decision to publish independently did not come without a great amount of prayer. Once the decision was made we moved ahead with what needed to be done. Long story short – the book is out. Soooo, that means all is well. Well, let’s see.

Initially the book was listed in online stores as unavailable. Following that snafu it was listed as available, but deliverable within four to six weeks. After three weeks we had the online availability under control. Sooo, that means all is well. Well, let’s see.

The book was online and selling. Independent stores in the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland area had them on the shelves. Requests from libraries in places I didn’t even know existed were in my inbox and mailbox. Relatives were selling to friends and co-workers. Requests for print reviews, newspaper and television interviews were coming in. Sooo, was everything okay? Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I began to receive emails from potential customers stating that when the asked for the book at national chain stores (you all know who they are) they were told it was not in the system. At this point my vision was beginning to blur.

One thing I made sure to do was to connect with the two main distributors that those bookstores order from. So what was up? A variety of reasons were given by my distributor. Rather than speculate I went on a fact-finding mission. Now here’s where home training comes in. Your mother always tells you to be nice. The Golden rule tells us to do unto others… You get the picture. Long story short, I found that there was a major problem with how the book was listed in the system. The assistant manager took care of that.

He also took the time to tell what a nice product I had (of course I had handed him a copy as he updated his computer). He even spoke to the fact that my publisher (our company On Assignment/big cheese grin) had done a great job of setting up what most independent authors miss.

After extending an apology for the inconvenience, he ordered books for not only his store, but several others as well as the opportunity to host a book signing.

I said all of this to say this, regardless of what avenue you take to publication, you must know your business. I don’t profess to know it all, but I am striving to do my best.

Thanks for listening. Be blessed and don’t forget to visit us and pick up your copy of Business Unusual.

Remember -- there is no such thing as an unacceptable loss in God's Kingdom!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Assignment Review

The Keeper of Secrets: Translations of an Incident
By Anjuelle Floyd

Breaking the Mold - September 1, 2007

In a world where cookie-cutter novels have become the norm rather than the exception - debut author Anjuelle Floyd has broken the mold.

The Keeper of Secrets: Translations of an Incident, a collection of interconnecting short stories, is a literary case study in how one incident can be translated into many scenarios.

Author Floyd does a magnificent job of making the reader privy to a specific incident with tentacles that touch the lives of others. Embracing her fund of knowledge as a psychologist and grasp of multiple cultures, readers are skillfully and enjoyably drawn into the world of a diverse group of professionals and those in their close and outer circle. A majority of them are carrying luggage that should have been unpacked years ago. A variety of reasons as to why they have not is what will hold your attention.

In each story we are introduced to individuals who outwardly are living the life fairy tales are made of. With each turned page you will be exposed to past experiences robbing them of the fullness of the present. You will wonder why Raven is tortured by the cries of her infant? What is it from Lahni Irete's childhood that led to selecting a blind man rather than the man she truly loves as her husband? Why does Arianne seek comfort in the ghost of a deceased patient rather than the arms of her husband? Will Trey's past be the salvation for a positive future?

Told in a refreshingly intellectual tone, The Keeper of Secrets, rather than excluding, invites a wide range of readers to imbibe words that stimulate, educate and entertain.

Reviewer/Dr. Linda Beed
On Assignment Reviews