Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And The Two Shall Become One

First Sunday in October presents a view of the purity that can be had in a relationship between a man and woman.

Julia Simone is not the ordinary woman. Her outer persona is the reflection of a successful woman in total control of her surroundings. The same can be said for Pastor Reginald Pennington.

The two are mature and know what they want out of life. Through happenstance they enter into a business agreement. Exposure to one another opens the door to possibilities beyond business. It will be Pastor Pennington's preconceived notion of who she is and the truth of what he expects that jeopardizes what could be. Additionally each has a past that is blocking their way to true happiness.

Unlike most romance novels, First Sunday in October takes its characters and readers through the process of becoming a friend and then growing through friendship. As like turns to love the story is not infiltrated with the trappings of steamy date nights and/or gratuitous bedroom scenes. Combining biblical truths with a strong storyline Author Campbell has presented a tale well worth reading.

Reviewer/Dr. Linda F. Beed
On Assignment Reviews

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sight Ain't Seeing

Jezebel is the name often spoken in hushed tones, behind closed doors and flung at women who are considered `loose'.

The story opens by introducing us to Jessie Belle, a woman who is no stranger to the aforementioned whispers and derogatory remarks. With her reputation already sullied in the tiny town of Mayville, her options for escape are narrowing. The margin for departure enlarges when Traynor Deveraux fills in for his father at the annual revival hosted by Jessie Belle's father. Overcome by Jessie Belle's feminine whiles Traynor marries her and takes her away to the life she always dreamed of. Well, not really.

Jessie Belle lives up to the name of her biblical mirror image as she controls, manipulates and destroys many of the lives around her for personal gain. Throughout the pages of this rich story you will see how easily intelligent God-fearing persons such as her husband can walk into catastrophe with open, yet unseeing eyes.

The well developed characters and plot will keep you turning page after page in search of answers to raised questions. Without fail you are left with the knowledge that in spite of your failings, God is a forgiving God who accepts our wholehearted repentance.

Reviewer/Dr. Linda F. Beed
On Assignment Reviews