Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This Far By Faith

Today's post has a multiple purpose. First it is one of encouragement for all who are faced with adversity regarding the fulfillment of purpose.

Often we are energetic regarding the vision God has for us. Initially it may seem so easy that you feel guilty about the fun you're having. It may, at some point, be so enjoyable that you question whether this really is your assignment.

Take to heart the fact that God never gives you a purpose that you lack passion for. On that same note, know that there will be circumstances that will challenge your march to the goal-line.

It will be your faith in knowing that God, the giver of the vision, not you, who will see it through to the end. Do not be disheartened by the seemingly overwhelming obstacles that may come your way. As it is said in the book of James --'count it all joy'.

My second reason for this post is to joyfully share with you that the release of Business Unusal is close at hand. I will share more of the journey in a subsequent posting.

The journey has not been without its challenges from outside sources and from within. Despite the odds (being told I could not do this) I continued toward the goal-line. I did so knowing what I was to share with the world in spite of what publishing houses told me 'the reader does not want'.

Do not allow man to detour you from what God has placed in your heart. Wisdom dictates that you accept constructive advice. Obedience to the leading of the Spirit will direct your path to fulfilling your task -- His way.

Remember to press in to touch the hem of His garment. For it is that type of faith that will keep your eyes on the One who can do what man cannot.

Be blessed -- Linda!

Remember -- There Is No Such Thing As An Acceptable Loss In God's Kingdom!

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