Monday, June 22, 2009


Inside Worth A Thousand Words (the second offering from the Jubilant Soul series) the issues of life for Indigo Burns are candidly revealed.

A woman with a plan, Indigo is pleased with how her life is turning out. Her carefully laid plans are jeopardized when the proposal she wants is publicly extended at the wrong time. The proposal not only places her in a precarious situation, it totally disrupts the pre-planned timeline she lives by.

Ms. Hawkins-Adams does a great job of uncovering what many of us flirt with – the spirit of compromise. Indigo entertains compromise because she does not want to hurt Brian. Her choice is hers alone to make, but will it ultimately destroy her and others in the long-term process?

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Saturday, June 20, 2009


In the words of Etta James – At Last!

At last there is an author willing to write a book that is not only relevant, but dares to challenge the mantra of ‘keeping it real’ within a genre in desperate need of a diversity transfusion.

Tory Uncharted Terror Tory Tyson has inherited his father's love for music. Using what is in his hand, he wins a coveted radio contest. His belief that he has made it is challenged by a chain of events that will reshape what he believes to be his pre-planned future.

Whether endowed with street wisdom or somewhat shielded by suburban life, neither demographic will find it hard to follow the storyline, language or examples set forth in this impressive novel. Both demographics will be able to identify with the fact that following the rules will not always insulate you from the predatory practices of others.

Unsigned Hype by Booker T. Mattison is not the quintessential story of a teen’s love for the Hip Hop culture. What it is is a well-written and entertaining ministry that opens eyes to the necessity of moving through life with faith and a lifestyle rooted in true integrity.

Unsigned Hype is available wherever fine books are sold.

Dialogue with the Author

After speaking with Booker T. Mattison for an hour I am compelled to describe him as a young man who embodies the spirit of an old soul. His insight as to how to use what is current in order to plant seeds of expectation for generations to come is commendable. It is also infectious and encouraging.

In addition to being an author Booker’s credentials include that of filmmaker, screenwriter and music videos. He sees his emergence from a ten-year barrenness as one that has set him on his current path. Currently that path is leading him to connect with African Americans on a large scale. On that scale is the hope to accomplish with the ‘Hype’ trilogy, that which is synonymous with the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Some will be challenged by the expression of such an admirable goal. They will because Unsigned Hype, a work that presents characters most African Americans are familiar with, does not smack of the stereotypical boy in the hood melodrama. It is neither a literary aberration nor anomaly. It is a story about those who look like us. Hype connects with who we are and have been, rather than being the expected tale from an African American author feeding the public’s preconceived perception of who they believe us to be. In essence he has created a destination for Christian YA (young adult) reading that did not previously exist.

When asked to summarize the content of his debut novel Booker quickly responds, “It is an urban apologetics of Hip Hop.”

The response may take many off guard and quite frankly, offend others attempting to be ‘down’. In a voice strong in conviction and filled with passion Mr. Mattison candidly relays truth. That truth is that those looking from the outside in will never be culturally equipped to understand the ‘hood’ experience.

Booker T. Mattison resides in New York. He enjoys hanging out with his wife and children and proudly states that what represents him is his family.

I look forward to more projects from a fresh voice unafraid to communicate a supernatural truth through the written word.

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