Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer…

How Strong Women Pray
By Bonnie St. John

Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer…

Bonnie St. John’s book, How Strong Women Pray epitomizes the focus of the aforementioned scripture. With skill, care and candor Ms. St. John cleverly entwines her life experiences with that of others to show the importance and results of prayer in their lives.

Through the uniquely written treatise readers are offered a view into the private lives of twenty-seven women. Each is viewed as strong in their own right. All are connected by duo threads of commonality; their dependence upon prayer and faith to acknowledge that they are not in control of their destinies. Delightfully absent from this work is the impression of a regime of rigidity and uniformity to be entered into. Instead, you will see the simplicity and fervor in which each approaches prayer and are divinely ministered to.

Those who feel that the presence of high profile names, the mention of positions Ms. St. John has held and her academic and Olympic accomplishments are self-serving will not absorb the full thrust of the work. They will miss the fact that in spite of her high visibility and accomplishments, she has made a choice. Through the choice to be vulnerable, Ms. St. John speaks to the plight of many with disabilities. Without reserve she is reaching out to those who are merely surviving rather than seeking to overcome the trauma of sexual childhood abuse or other obstacles that is preventing them from reaching full potential.

Reviewer/Dr. Linda Beed
On Assignment Reviews

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