Friday, November 2, 2007

On Assignment Review

I Can See Clearly Now

Diary of a Woman Pastor
by Sheritha Bowman

Through uncommonly portrayed candor Sheritha Bowman invites you into her world. It is a world that many strive for, but may be ill-equipped to handle.

Openly she expresses challenges faced due to her skin color, extended living and the loss of her father to the legal system during her developing years.

It will be the apparitions of her past that threaten her future, as familial heartaches, the state of unknowing and hormones manifest in less that positive ways. Through her relationship with Christ, weights of her past will be lifted; but replaced with others.

Feeling that she is called to the pastoral office Ms. Bowman is encouraged by her husband and clergy mentor. Immersing herself into what she believes is her calling, our author will soon come to know that her path will not be as easy as she thought.

Along the road to finding true purpose we are privy to her public and private challenges. Through it all you will see a strong prayer life mingled with ardent praise and worship assisitng her in her times of need and thankfulness.

It will be through revelations of her journey that readers will come to understand that delay is not denial, nor are our mistakes to be hidden from the world. Those considering entering ministry in any form would be well advised to partake of the honest and heart-felt advice given by this most anointed woman of God.

Reviewer -- Dr. Linda F. Beed/On Assignment Reviews
Author - Business Unusual

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