Monday, October 1, 2007


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My oldest son lost his mother to breast cancer four years ago. Last year we found out that her sister is now battling the same disease. I also lost an aunt to breast cancer last year. As a tribute to them, On Assignment Publishing will donate $1.00 to Breast Cancer research for each comment left on this blog site. Additionally, I will give away two prizes 1) $25.00 Gift Certificate to Amazon 2) Autographed copy of Business Unusual.

Don't be shy leave a comment and let us know you care. Random drawing will be held October 31st. Winners will be annouced November 1st.



LaShaunda said...

Hi Linda,

I leave a comment in honor of a good friend who died because of breast cancer and the three love ones who are currently fighting the fight.

This disease can be beat, I know the Lord is able. I just pray its soon.

To all our sisters fighting the fighting, keep your hand in Jesus. This is the time he will carry you.

Valerie said...

God bless you for posting this Linda!

I don't personally know anyone who has gone through breast cancer, but I join my faith with yours that together we can all make a difference.

We all have different battles to fight, thats a part of life, but isn't it a great feeling to know someone is bearing our burdens with us?

To all of my sistahs fighting the breat cancer battle, I stand with you and I'm praying for you!

abcathome said...

Hi comment is for all the women I know who have had scares of breast issues. My mom (who had a mass, thankfully non-cancerous, removed several years ago), my dear friend who had an abnormal mammogram a couple months ago, and many others.

Please keep up the good work!

Miralee said...

Hi Linda, I saw the post on Inspiring books for women and wanted to stop and offer my support. My mom had breast cancer but beat it, so I have much to be grateful for. Miralee

Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

what an awesome thing you are doing and a blessing, my mom fought a courageous battle with breast cancer, succumbing in January 2003, I appreciate anyone who supports the effort. Bless you,


Jill said...

I have never lost a loved one to breast cancer, thank the Lord, but I have a friend at work who battled it and won. She's a dear woman.

Thanks for undertaking this project to help with research.



Kimberly & Rufus said...

Hello Linda.

My comment is in honor of my mother in law who beat breast cancer nearly 20 years ago, in honor of a close friend who had a scare back in January, and in memory of my grandmother who died from the disease in 1991.

May the cure come soon!

Yasmin said...

I am a breast cancer survivor of almost seven years. I leave a comment to tell women to get a check up and an exam yearly...the life you save might by your own!


JC Martin said...

To God be the Glory for all that has survived cancer. And for those that has losted someone I pray for you and yours. I ask that you go and tell someone about your lost and just maybe you will save a life.

Thank you for your generosity, you are truly a servant leader. I came to your blog because of Yasmin Coleman...she is a survivor of breast cancer and she means a great deal to me. If God had not saved her almost seven years ago, I would never had had the chance to meet her through cyberspace, one day in the near future I will get to meet her up close and personal.

She is a walking testimony. Ladies get those exams and save your life.

Rosa J said...

God Bless you for what you are doing for the people that have fought and have still fought breast cancer and their loved ones.
Thanks again

Shelia said...

My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. Thanks for bringing awareness.


I am happy to announce that the winner of the Think Pink drawing for this blog is Jill Nelson.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a post.